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Welcome to Wonderful Art!

Before you submit any of your art please read our submission guidance/information and group rules. It can be found here
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Wonderful Art is a group for you who wish to show your art, no matter what it is. Photography, digital art, traditional art, pixel art, stamps, icons, adoptables, reference sheets, comics etc even WIP art is allowed!

:bulletblue: How to join :bulletblue:
Just click "Join group" that can be found on the left sidebar and you will automatically be accepted to the group.

:bulletblue: How to submit :bulletblue:
Go to our gallery and to a correct folder. If you example are gonna submit a tutorial you click on the 'Tutorials' folder and then 'Submit to this Gallery'.
You can submit 4 deviations per week!

:bulletblue: What can I submit? :bulletblue:
Art that you've made, stamps, reference sheets, digital, traditional, photography etc.
Do not submit screenshots from games, movies/series etc!

:bulletblue: My submission was declined, why? :bulletblue:
If what you submitted got declined it was probably because you submitted to wrong folder, or you've already submitted it once.
Feel free to ask why it was declined and we'll tell you why.

:bulletblue: Why can't we submit to the Feature folder? :bulletblue:
Only the founder and co-founders can submit or chose artwork to this folder, this is to prevent the folder to get overflown with art.
If you wish to see your artwork in the Feature folder don't be afraid to note one of the founders with a thumb of your artwork with the title Feature folder.

:bulletblue: Rules to Photomanipulations :bulletblue:

Please submit your works to correct folder.

Don't submit unfinished works.
Don't submit works that do not abide to DeviantART's rules.
Don't spam our page.
If your work is declined then we'll leave a comment as to why it was declined.
The stock must be credited with a clickable link to the stock provider and the stock image.
Google images are not stock.

ART Feature

Sat Mar 7, 2015, 10:27 AM

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My latest artworks

Kiss me by RazielMB
Between Heaven and Earth by RazielMB
The Golden Circle by RazielMB
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Feature time....


The Lady and dragon by MelieMelusine
Kiss by ines-ka
1 by zhaoenzhe
12.29.14: I'm not lonely by mintyfreshmangos
When the moon is closer by AquaSixio
sea and sky by megatruh
Fall Get up and Move by AquaSixio
Not a mermaid by OmriKoresh
Mountain castle by KPEKEP
The Antichrist (Damn The Fruit of Your Womb) by CharllieeArts
Beautiful Trance by AkubakaArts
You are by JenniferHealy
P2 Hd by Grimdor
Village by RealNam
hybrid by Vasylina
My Cave by shiny-shadows-Art
Shark World by stellartcorsica
Figure 1 by artofjokinen
L'oracolo dei Sogni by LenteScura
Angel of Light by Jovan7Porto
Retro Circus Steampunk Ringmaster by rsiphotography

Ezekiel by LAS-T
Crystal Of Night by Corvinerium
Midnight Brezze by AndyGarcia666
Dreaming by MoonZaphire
Descends from the sky by fdasuarez
swan romance by MT-Photografien
:::WE ARE BACK AGAIN::: by gingado
Fire in the Sky by andyhutchinson
After the rain by YongL

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Have you all a great weekend!




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Hi! I just wanted to shamelessly plug my group. It's new and it needs subscribers. If it takes off it will become an amazing place to actually create art together instead of just posting for oneself.

If you would like art to be cooperative, if you want to know artists and make people look at your stuff, you should try it out.
It's like a game but with art! All rules are on the page:
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